Residing in the local intake area

Tuart Hill Primary School is a local area intake school.  Children must reside within the school’s intake boundaries in order to beeligible for enrolment.

Parents of children not residing within the local intake area are invited to complete an Application for Enrolment for consideration by the Principal.

Eligibility for entry will be dependent upon positions available within the school.


2020 Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Enrolments

If your child was born within the date ranges shown below, they are eligible to enrol for 2020.

  • 1 July 2015 to 30 Jun 2016 (Kindergarten)
  • 1 July 2014 to 30 Jun 2015 (Pre-Primary)

To make an application, please come to the school office between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm with:

  • Original copies of your child’s birth certificate,
  • Immunisation details (printed copy from the Australian Immunisation Register)
  • Proof of your residential address (utility bill, rates notice, rental agreement)
  • Passport and visa information if your child was born overseas
  • Any relevant court documents

Original documents are required and we will make the necessary copies. You will also be required to complete the application form.


Due to recent changed implemented by Department of Health we would like to inform you that we can no longer accept documentation that is captured in the ‘Purple Immunisation Book’. It is now a requirement that parent/guardians provide Australian Immunisation Record (AIR) for children. The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) records information about immunisations given to children who live in Australia.

Please note for enrolment purposes, we can only accept the AIR history statement as proof of immunisations and this must be less than 2 months old

It is important to keep the school up to date with your child’s vaccination records. Please give any updated records to the front office so we can enter these details in to the student record system.

Parent or guardians of children under 14 years of age can request an AIR history statement by:

Application Form

You can download a Tuart Hill Primary School Application for Enrolment form below: Application for Enrolment

Completed Application for Enrolment forms MUST be handed to the Administration Office in person by the parent, along with all supporting documentation, to complete the application process. Application forms that are emailed or posted in will not be accepted.

The Department of Education’s Schools and You parent website, has information to assist parents with the application and enrolment processes for their children.  Click HERE for more information

Eligibility for enrolment for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary

    Overseas fee paying students must enrol via Education and Training International. Fees are paid to Education and Training International. Education and Training International liaise with the School Administration in regard to your enrolment prior to an application form being completed in our Front Office (between the hours of 10.00 am and 2.00 pm please).

    Upon acceptance of your application to enrol, you are requested to come to the school to complete the enrolment procedure. You will need to have proof of your residential address as well as any updated immunisation records.

    Applications for 2020 close on Friday, 26 July 2019

    Parents/carers of current Tuart Hill PS Kindergarten students are required to complete an application form for Pre-Primary in the next year.

    Classroom Placements for the following school year

    Teachers work collaboratively to construct class lists for the next school year during Term Four of the current year.

    Student placements are deeply and professionally deliberated, with a number of factors taken into consideration, including:

    • Individual special needs
    • Positive peer friendships
    • Academic performance
    • Behaviour
    • Parent comments/requests

    Teachers work collaboratively to construct class lists for the next school year during Term Four of the current year.

    Parents are asked to assist us in our planning by letting us know if their child will not be returning to our school the next school year or by providing comments/requests regarding their child’s placement.

    Parent Class Placement comments and requests

    • will be called for through eNewsletters
    • should be addressed to the Principal and
    • must be received in writing by Friday 25 October 2019.

    Letters may be delivered to the front office or emailed to: [email protected]

    The Principal will consider all requests in conjunction with professional advice from staff and school organisational.  Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.

    The Principal’s decision is final.

    Student Class placements for the next year will be completed by Friday of Week Nine, Term Four. It is anticipated that complied lists will be posted onto the school notice boards by 2.50 p.m. of that Friday.

    While praise is welcome and should be widely spread, all other comments regarding class placements must be addressed directly to the Principal [email protected] only; thank you.