Principal’s Message

Staff and students at Tuart Hill Primary School are committed to maintaining the positive heritage that has been developed over so many years and by so many.

As a school community, we want Tuart Hill Primary School to be the very best, striving to ensure that:

– Every student is a successful student;

– Every teacher is an effective teacher.

We want all students to leave Tuart Hill well prepared for their future, equipped to prosper economically, to be happy and secure in themselves, and ready to contribute to their community.

All staff are committed to helping students reach their full potential through the development of a curriculum that caters for the needs of individuals as well as groups. Our behaviour management policy and the strategies we employ to teach, manage and engage students ensure the learning environment is safe, welcoming and suitably challenging.

The support structures to assist staffing doing the important work of improving student outcomes are flexible and responsive, ensuring they can work with confidence, enthusiasm and commitment.

Student progress is our goal – and one we take very seriously. All staff are accountable for this progress, as well as their performance as administrators, teachers and support staff. Through performance and accountability management, staff are able to reflect on what they do and how they can develop to improve student outcomes.

At Tuart Hill Primary School, we believe parental support is critical if students are to reach their full potential. We actively promote our school in the wider community and encourage parental input into how our school operates.

Beverly Innes