Tuart Hill Primary School educators are proud of our quality curriculum delivery.

Our staff are exceptional educators. We:

  • have a comprehensive knowledge of the Western Australian Curriculum in all learning areas.
  • treat our students as individuals,
  • closely consider their prior knowledge to launch their new learning
  • work with our parents as partners
  • investigate real world learning to make conceptual meaning have relevance,
  • integrate learning opportunities wherever possible
  • teach explicitly through purposeful play
  • continually reflect on pedagogy for improvement and
  • collaborate to ensure seamless transitions for students from one grade to the next
  • network with our peers in other schools to share and learn from each other

We are proud to call ourselves a STEAM school.

We deliberately and purposefully plan learning opportunities that integrate Science, Technology, English, the Arts and Mathematics to support our students’ creativity, innovation and application.

Many eNewsletters highlight STEAMy learning – look through our gallery to find examples such as our Year Fives loving cooking to explicitly teach mathematics (measurement) , English (writing recipes), food technologies (safe and healthy food handling practices) and Science (food chemistry). We used media (the Arts) to present our results – what fabulous multisensory learning has taken place! Don’t you wish you were there?