New Menu for Term 2!



Our Canteen Manager, Jodie, will be taking leave weeks 9 & 10 this term. During her absence, 2 wonderful volunteers from our community will step in to run the canteen to provide lunch for our students.

The canteen will offer a reduced menu during this time and daily specials such as pizza and pasta day will not be available. Interim menu is available at the canteen counter or by clicking here.

A copy of our current menu can be found here: Canteen Menu as of Term 2 2021

Changes to the canteen include:

  • Taking online orders only for both recess and lunch. If you need to register for online ordering, go to and follow the links. When ordering online, please ensure you receive the email confirmation from Quickcliq to be sure your order has been processed.
  • Not handling any cash.
  • No lunch wallets/orders containing cash to be placed in lunch crates – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.
  • Not open for counter service including before school, recess and lunch – the canteen will just be filling recess and lunch orders. Lunch crates will be picked up by students as usual, recess orders will be delivered to students prior to the recess siren.
  • Having a limited menu as unfortunately volunteers are restricted on school grounds at this time.
  • Unable to serve ice creams/icypoles or any of the usual over-the-counter items available before school, recess & lunch.
  • Using appropriate COVID-19 hygiene measures.

It is early days yet, and these procedures may continue for some time before resuming our normal procedures and services. I will keep you all informed of any changes as they occur. Thank you for your understanding and support during these strange times.

Our canteen operates under the Western Australian School Canteen Association’s Traffic Light System which requires all public school canteen menus offer at least 60% Green choices and no more than 40% Amber choices – we are proud to offer a 68% Green menu.

Online Ordering

Our school has a great online ordering system for the Canteen called QUICKCLIQ which allows parents to place orders from home or work any time before the cut-off at 9.00am each morning. Payment is also done online in app, so you no longer need to send cash or a paper order to school.

As well as being convenient for parents, the online orders are much faster and easier for the canteen to process – so it makes everyone’s life a little easier. Quickcliq is well established and currently operating in hundreds of schools across Australia.

Getting started is easy and only takes a second to register. Simply go to and click “Register Now”. You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete the registration. Once registered, you can add credit and start placing orders immediately. There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit) and bank transfer. Quickcliq operates via a pre-paid account, so you don’t need to scrounge for coins in the morning and can easily budget for your canteen spending throughout the term. You can even place orders up to two weeks in advance so you need never forget a lunch order again!

If you require any assistance with Quickcliq please contact them directly on 1300 116 637.

Canteen Manager: Jodie Ross
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0400 078 324