School Dress Code

At Tuart Hill Primary School all students are expected to wear our school uniform. This assists students in developing a positive self-image, encourages the development of pride in our school and provides a positive image to the local community.

Dress Code Requirements

  • Red school shirts or T-shirts (collar preferred). No slogans or multi-coloured designs.
  • School jumpers (with school logo), or red wind-cheaters.
  • Black trousers, tracksuit or tights.
  • Black skirts/skorts
  • Black shorts
  • Appropriate footwear – closed in shoes/joggers, ankle-strapped sandals
  • Stud or small sleeper earrings only
  • Denim clothing, flip-flop footwear, ugg boots, wellingtons, high heels or party wear is not permitted for classroom activities. Parents may be called to provide an appropriate change of clothing/footwear and will be asked to supervise their child/ren to change.
  • Makeup of any kind is not permitted and nail polish is strongly discouraged (clear protective polish might be ignored). Parents may be called to help their child remove it.

Modifications to the Dress Code

Parents who, for religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the school dress code are required to make an appointment with the principal. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.


Students not following the dress code will receive:

  • counselling from a deputy principal on the benefits of a dress code;
  • assistance/support in obtaining suitable clothing, if necessary; and
  • a pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification.

Students not following the dress code may be denied the opportunity to represent their school at school activities, which include choir, excursions, sporting and social events.


Information Technology

The provision of Information and Communication Technologies at Tuart Hill Primary School expands the range of teaching and learning opportunities available to staff and students.  Access to these services will enable improvement in learning outcomes and effective integration across the West Australian Curriculum. 

Educating students for a rapidly changing world makes it is important for them to learn to use technology constructively and effectively.  The agreements below will enable students and their parents to understand the guidelines for the acceptable use of ICT services.

Working with Children

The Working with Children (WWC) Check is a compulsory criminal check for many people who work with children in Western Australia.

At Tuart Hill Primary School, we make it a priority to check that any person coming in to the school holds a current Working with Children Check. Please ensure you have your Working with Children Check card with you at all times to support your PassTab Sign in; thank you.

Allergy Aware

Our school is an Allergy- aware school. This means that:

  • we are aware of the allergies that our students live with
  • we avoid the use and presence of allergens in particular nuts on our school grounds and
  • we take action as per each child’s Medical Action Plan if required.

Please ensure you are aware of any allergies that may be experienced by any of your child/ren’s classmates; thank you.

Wet Weather

Tuart Hill Primary School’s Wet Weather policy is provided to ensure a high level of duty of care for all students during periods of inclement weather. 

To view a copy of the Wet Weather policy, click here.


The school has a ‘Hat Policy’ that has been endorsed by the School Board that requires students to wear a sun safe broad brimmed hat whilst in the open all year.

Our expectation is that students will wear the approved sun safe school hat. Parents are responsible for providing this item.

Please be aware that the prescribed School hat MUST be worn when our students participate in off-site excursions. Failure to remember your red school hat may result in exclusion from that particular excursion.