Social Work

What is school-based social work?

“School social work is a vast area of practice that responds to the needs of the student population and school community. Most importantly, in their commitment to human rights and social justice, school social workers advocate for the rights of students against the discrimination and reduced opportunities they can sometimes experience.”

– Australian Association of Social Workers (2015)

Social Work at Tuart Hill Primary

Social work can look like many different things, especially when taking into account the diverse community of Tuart Hill Primary. From one to one counselling to year 6 transition and leadership programs social work students are always working to ensure students get the most out of the academic and social opportunities offered by Tuart Hill Primary.

One to One sessions

One to one sessions offer both therapeutic counselling, emotional regulation and skill building opportunities designed to suit your child’s individual needs.

Year 6 Transition

This program was formed to facilitate the exploration of emotions such as anxiety and unease around the transition to year 7, hoping to provide a brief snapshot of techniques that may be used to regulate them. This program was created with the aim of easing the transition by building coping mechanisms and social skills.

Green Team

Green Team is a year 1 to 6 environmental education program based around team work and learning. This program provides a foundation in interpersonal communication, leadership and team work through fun and eco-friendly tasks

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