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Welcome to  Tuart Hill
Primary School

Tuart Hill Primary School is an independent public school, enabling our community to have greater flexibility and accept higher accountability when we make decisions about curriculum, student support, staff recruitment, financial management and governance.

Tuart Hill Primary School was opened on the 25 April 1910 in the suburb of Tuart Hill, five kilometres north west of the Perth CBD. The main school buildings were constructed in the late 1940s and our most recent building opened in 2010. The school has a purpose-built kindergarten/pre-primary and library. Our school hosts the permanent Dental Clinic that is accessed by students from nearby schools. The Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten is located approximately 800 metres off-site and is closely linked to our school.

Specialist programs currently provided to students include LOTE(Spanish), Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Science as well as support being provided for environmental programs and Digital Technologies. Our staff are digitally literate and use interactive whiteboards, iPads, laptop and desktop computers to enhance rigorous learning and teaching programs.

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Late Arrivals, Collections and Administration Office Access

Late arrivals need to sign in through to Front Office to ensure their attendance for the day is registered.  Come to the Front Door and knock – we will come out to you. Our front office is too small to allow a 2 metre square distance per person and we appreciate your understanding as we do everything to keep you and our front office staff healthy and well.

If you are caught up and are late to collect your child, come to the front office as before, but please stop at the front door – we will bring your child to you. 

Front Office business continues to be welcomed via appointment only.  Parents are asked to follow the instructions on the front door on arrival. For any enrolment or general enquiries, please call the front office on 9413 1500 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The Front Office will not be used as a thoroughfare for students to get out to Kiss n Drive.  Students will be asked to go out through the kitchen Garden, to the Front Garden to get to Kiss n Drive.

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School Pick Up and Drop Off Points – REVISED 6 JUNE

The following REVISED PICK UP ARRANGEMENTS to commence from Monday 6 June 2020:

Kindergarten and Year One students will be released from class at the regular time of 2.50pm with all other students.

Our students have done a fantastic job of packing their own bags at the end of the day, taking more responsibility for remembering their lunch boxes, water bottles, reading/spelling homework and jumpers.  Teachers have supported students to collect everything and then supervised their class to walk safely out of the school buildings.

We recommend that this practice continues. Our hallways and verandahs are not wide enough to allow us to observe 2 square metres per person as required by current law.

Read on to review our latest pick up procedures.

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Enrolments for Kindergarten and Pre Primary 2021 are now open!

If your child was born within the date ranges shown below, they are eligible to enrol for 2021.

1 July 2016 to 30 Jun 2017 (Kindergarten)
1 July 2015 to 30 Jun 2016 (Pre-Primary)

Due to COVID-19, Tuart Hill Primary School is currently accepting Applications for Enrolment 2021 by email. To make an application, please email [email protected] the required documents.

Applications for 2021 close on Friday, 24 July 2020.

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