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Welcome to  Tuart Hill
Primary School

Tuart Hill Primary School is an independent public school, enabling our community to have greater flexibility and accept higher accountability when we make decisions about curriculum, student support, staff recruitment, financial management and governance.

Tuart Hill Primary School was opened on the 25 April 1910 in the suburb of Tuart Hill, five kilometres north west of the Perth CBD. The main school buildings were constructed in the late 1940s and our most recent building opened in 2010. The school has a purpose-built kindergarten/pre-primary and library. Our school hosts the permanent Dental Clinic that is accessed by students from nearby schools. The Tuart Hill Community Kindergarten is located approximately 800 metres off-site and is closely linked to our school.

Specialist programs currently provided to students include LOTE(Spanish), Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Science as well as support being provided for environmental programs and Digital Technologies. Our staff are digitally literate and use interactive whiteboards, iPads, laptop and desktop computers to enhance rigorous learning and teaching programs.

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Latest News

Tuart Hill Dental Therapy Centre Christmas Holidays Closure

The Tuart Hill Dental Therapy Centre will be closed from 12.00 Thursday 19th December 2019.
For emergencies only:
 Friday 20 December contact Mt Lawley Dental Therapy on 9271 5561.
 Monday 23 December contact Hillcrest Dental Therapy Centre on 9271 7184.
 Tuesday 24 December until Friday 24 January contact Mt Henry Dental Therapy Centre on 9313 0552.
For after-hours emergencies contact your local private dentist or the Perth Children’s Hospital or if you have a health care card you can call 1800 098 818 for advice.

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Bake Sale – Recess Monday 9 December 2019 in the Hall

All proceeds from the Bake Sale will go to the Smith Family – national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.
Prices for a cup cake at recess will range from 50c to $2.00; please allow your child/ren to zip some small change into their uniform pocket and help our student leaders make a difference in our world by supporting a disadvantaged Australian child’s education.

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