Dear Parents,

Year 6 students are invited to attend a one hour after school learning clinic every Tuesday this term from 3pm-4pm in Room 21. In this time, students are encouraged to work on individual tasks, extension and revision activities or homework under my supervision with the opportunity for one-on-one support. This is not intended to be a social club, and students who are not working productively or are being disruptive will be asked to wait at the front office for collection.

Students are welcome to bring afternoon tea into the classroom, as long as they adhere to school healthy eating policies (fruit, crackers, vegie sticks etc). The first clinic will take place on August 1st 2023, and will include revision on ordering fractions and placing them on a number line. Attendance for these clinics are entirely optional, although I will endeavour to reach out to parents of students who I feel would benefit from a particular activity or revisionary topic.

Please RSVP your child’s attendance via email to me by Monday of each week – children who attend without an email confirming permission to be in the clinics will be sent to the office for parent collection.


Angus Hamilton