Tuesday 7, 14 and 21 June 2022 through the Your Move program

Please see attached a permission form for your child to enjoy FREE  Bike Education Sessions.  These educational sessions are free due to our school community’s active participation in the Your Move program.  What a bonus!

Each student needs to have their own bike and helmet to participate.  Please do all you can to borrow a bike for these sessions as not only is Bike Education fun, it is a valuable life skill that benefits students for ever.

What a wonderful opportunity.  Please return the form to your class teacher straight away and register through the link https://www.peopleonbicycles.com.au/schools/tuarthill/.   If we do not have permission, your child will be watching the bike riding but will be joining in with the conversational instruction.

I will send home hard copies with all Year Fours tomorrow.  Please direct all queries to me, Beverly Innes, Principal, thank you.

Permission Slip