Hi everyone

I am writing to you regarding your child’s Interm Swimming lessons due to start on Monday 27 March 2023.

The national shortage of swimming instructors has affected our local swimming program. The required number of instructors to deliver our program as planned was unable to be sourced. To maintain proper levels of supervision and ensure that all of our students can attend lessons, we need to modify our program from its original format.

We have worked with the Department of Education’s Swimming and Water Safety branch to find a solution to ensure that all students can attend lessons this year and maintain the highest levels of safety. Instead of attending two weeks (9 days) of lessons, all of our students will now attend lessons for four days.

Your child will now attend lessons EITHER WEEK 9 (Monday 27 March 2023 to Thursday 30 March 2023) or WEEK 10 (Monday 3 April – Thursday 6 April 2023). The timetables are still being amended, however we wanted to ensure you are aware of the changes in a timely manner. I will update timetables as soon as they are available to me.

Costs for lessons have also changed. The new charges for swimming lessons for a 4 day period is now $4.50. If you have already paid the initial $10, $5.50 will be credited to the students’ account. You do not need to pay again.

If you have yet to pay for lessons, please pay the $4.50, and return all swimming notes to school by Thursday 23 March 2023.

I recognise that this is a last-minute change. I thank you for your patience and understanding. Please email me directly with any queries [email protected] 

Kind regards

Joe Bell

Associate Principal