1st February 2024

Kaya parents and carers


You will be aware that we have had significant power outages over the last two days at our school site. The school has been working with electrical contractors to rectify the issues. At this point in time, I cannot guarantee that we will not experience further power outages in the coming days.


The power outages have affected our phone lines, internet access, lighting and air conditioning across the school.


With the continuance of the current heat wave, and another hot day predicted for tomorrow (Friday 2 February 2024), it is important you are informed of the situation and our planning at this point in time for tomorrow.


  1. Our school will remain open for students and staff. Our number one priority will be the care, health and wellbeing of all students who come to school. This includes remaining indoors, cancelling all outdoor activities and providing frequent hydration and bathroom breaks. Staff will be given small water bottles to ‘mist’ students to assist in temperature regulation.


  1. Should you choose to keep your child/ren at home tomorrow, their attendance will not be adversely affected. An email advising us of an absentee can be sent to [email protected]. Please state your child’s name and room number on the email.


  1. The school phone line has been diverted to a mobile number, should urgent contact be required during school hours.


We look forward to resolving the power issues as soon as possible. I will keep you updated with information as soon as it is available.


 Thank you for your continued support.