Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may have heard, the Department of Education is negotiating with the State School Teachers’ Union (SSTUWA) and Principals’ Federation of Western Australia to reach an industrial agreement. While discussions are continuing, the SSTUWA have decided to hold a half-day stop-work meeting next Tuesday 23 April.

This means some of our teachers may choose to attend the stop-work action and not be at school until 12.30pm on the day.

Based on current notifications I know that many of our teaching staff will be taking stop-work action.

I wish to reassure parents that, based on current knowledge of staff on site, our school remains open next Tuesday 23 April.

However, our regular morning class programs will need to be adapted to ensure suitable Duty of Care. All students are welcome to attend, but parents who choose not to send their students to school for the morning due to this disruption may be assured that the morning’s absence will not be reflected negatively on their overall yearly attendance.

Usual timetables will resume from 12.30 pm, when all teachers will return to their schools.

The Department is making every effort to minimise the inconvenience to our school and families and resolve the situation with unions as quickly as possible.


Please email me [email protected] if you have any queries; thank you.


Kind regards

Beverly Innes