Kaya parents and carers,

Our senior corridor (Rooms 1 to 8) is narrow and, as I am sure you may have noticed, become very crowded before and after school.

To alleviate foot traffic we have implemented the following changes, which students are aware of:
Year 3 students will access classrooms using the door closest to front reception
Year 4 students (plus Room 4 Year 5s) will access classrooms using the middle doors
Year 5 and 6 student will access classrooms use the end door closest to the courts.

Parents – when you are dropping students to school and collecting them, please arrange to meet your child either in the shaded kitchen area, or under the shady mulberry trees next to the basketball court. Please do not enter the corridor area.

Thank you in advance for your support – please email me [email protected] if you have further queries.

Joe Bell