I am sure you will enjoy reading your child/ren’s report through with them to find areas of improvement and celebration as well as the improvement suggestions that each class teacher makes.

If you have any queries around your child/ren’s Summative Report, please email the teacher concerned and make a time for a chat, either face to face or over the phone. It is important to reach the School Break comfortable that you know the thinking behind any assigned grade.

There will be an opportunity early in Term Three to make an appointment with your class teacher/s to have a three-way conference – you, your child and the teacher – to set improvement goals for Semester Two. We hope to work with you to support every student at Tuart Hill Primary School to make the best progress and to achieve to their potential. Please look out for a call for appointments early next term.

You will be aware that our school has moved to Connect as the preferred Department of Education communication platform. One big advantage of Connect is that Summative Reports are posted to your child’s Connect page, and remain there for as long as you wish.

Many people love the electronic form of all communications, but if you like to have the Report in hard copy, please email Reception on [email protected] and we will ensure the Summative Report is printed off and placed in your child’s school bag.

I look forward to continuing to work closely with you to support all our students to make educational progress and have a positive school experience