I have emailed all parents your child/ren’s Semester One 2021 Summative Report and the School Position Report.  Both of these reports have also been added to each student’s Connect page, because Connect keeps the Report for ever.  The email link disappears after four weeks, which is annoying – the Connect platform is the approved Department of Education’s communication method, and will host student data on servers in Australia for as long as parents wish that data to remain there.

Please read your child/ren’s report through with them to find the improvement suggestions that each class teacher makes.  There will be an opportunity early in Term Three to make an appointment with your class teacher/s to have a three-way conference – you, your child and the teacher – to set improvement goals for Semester Two.  We hope to work with you to support every student at Tuart Hill Primary School to make the best progress and to achieve to their potential. Please look out for a call for appointments early next term.

I encourage parents to persist in using their Connect platform so that any wrinkles in connection can be ironed out. Please come past the Front Office and the Admin team or our front office staff will step you through the connection and make sure your password works nicely for you.

In the meantime, for the next period of time, I will continue to use both Connect and email so that school communications can reach as many of you as we can. Thank you for your patience as we transition to the more secure, Department recommended platform that we trust will develop into a useful, informative communication tool.

Beverly Innes