Tuart Hill Primary School was opened on the 25th of April 1910 in the suburb of Tuart Hill, 5 kilometres north west of the Perth CBD. The main school buildings were constructed in the late 1940s.

Our most recent building was provided by the federal government through the Building the Education Revolution. It was opened in 2010 and consists of two classrooms and a purpose built music and art room. This building is used to provide specialist instruction as well as accommodates an after school care program and early learning program.

The school also has a purpose built kindergarten/pre-primary and library. The school has three large play areas including an oval and playground equipment. A dental clinic is located on the school grounds and a Community Kindergarten which is linked to the school is located approximately 800metres off site. Specialist programs provided to students include LOTE, Physical Education as well support being provided for environmental programs and ICT. The school has commenced placing interactive whiteboards in each classroom and renewing its existing ICT resources.

Approximately 46% of our students come from a language background other than English with over 40 different languages being spoken. A part-time English as a Second language teacher provides support for many of these students.