The following REVISED PICK UP ARRANGEMENTS to commence from Monday 6 June 2020:

Kindergarten and Year One students will be released from class at the regular time of 2.50pm with all other students.

Our students have done a fantastic job of packing their own bags at the end of the day, taking more responsibility for remembering their lunch boxes, water bottles, reading/spelling homework and jumpers.  Teachers have supported students to collect everything and then supervised their class to walk safely out of the school buildings.

We recommend that this practice continues. Our hallways and verandahs are not wide enough to allow us to observe 2 square metres per person as required by current law.

Therefore, we suggest:

  • Years Four, Five and Six studentsRooms 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 – will continue to be supervised by class teachers to leave the corridor by themselves, ride or walk home as usual or meet you in your car on Lawley Street. If you must meet your child/ren, please gather on the Basketball Court.  Our Senior Hallway is beyond capacity with our students as they leave for the day, so we ask that parents allow the students to leave the buildings, not come in to gather around the classroom doors.
  • Room 21 and 22 StudentsYear Threes – could continue to meet parents by the Cape Street Gate. If you do not like to stay in or by your car, please wait on the grass or the bitumen away from the classroom doors and allow your children to continue to prepare themselves for home independently. It’s so good for them.
  • Year One and Two/three students in Rooms 15, 14, 13, 11, 12 and 10 – will continue to be supervised by class teachers to leave the verandah by themselves, and can meet you on the grass inside the double gates or safely on the pavement. It is very important that you socially-distance while waiting.
  • Kindy and Pre-Primary parents may gather on the verandah areas near your classes to collect your children. Please keep the doorway and gateways clear for access and egress and observe social distancing; thank you.
  • Tuart Hill Out of School Care students will continue to take themselves independently down to their after school care. Mulberry Tree After School Care will let us know where they will meet their charges and I will facilitate the best way to help those care arrangements to happen safely for children and adults.
  • Kiss n Drive will be back in action! Request your child to meet you at Kiss n Drive.  I will be on the pavement to supervise your children while you sweep in to collect them.  Kiss n Drive is a two-minute zone – the front car should drive off and do a lap of the block to allow other cars in if your child is not yet ready at Kiss n Drive. I will do my best to facilitate smooth traffic movement.