It is a heart-warming feature of our school that our parents take the time to meet each other, chat, allow their children some social time before going home. However, I implore you to keep a disciplined eye on your children when you gather for a short play after school. Too often I need to clean up disrespected toilets, remind children to cease unsafe and irresponsible behaviour and shoo students home who have no parent/carer with them.

I care deeply about every individual child who attends Tuart Hill Primary, and their wellbeing and safety is always foremost in my mind. It is becoming increasingly clear that leaving our boundary gates open for extended times is allowing complacency, has on a couple un-nerving occasions invited unwanted ingress by the general public and is unwittingly encouraging some antisocial behaviour by some of my students.

Therefore, following extensive consultation with the Admin Team, I will program the School Siren to sound at 3.15 pm each school day. This will alert parents that the school boundaries are about to be secured in fifteen minutes, at 3.30 pm. Families are encouraged to leave the school grounds by 3.30 pm and are invited to continue their after school fun at Tuart College or Grenville Park. Exit after this time will need to be through the Front Office.

Please do not hesitate to email [email protected], make an appointment or catch me for a chat if you have any queries or improvement suggestions; thank you.