Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you have found some joy over the long weekend at home in lock down caught up on some reading, binge-watched something awesome, gave the garden a do-over… I even washed a couple windows!! Yes I know!!!! Lock down has some advantages….

 It is a relief to have restrictions relaxed a little.  School is open but all adults must wear masks.  Teachers are exempt when teaching, and this includes while they are on duty, as supervision of students at play requires good, clear non-verbal, facial and verbal cues.

Our teachers are returning to consciously taking time to create havens of health in their classrooms and will continue remind students to wash hands frequently and to have sanitiser available. Our school brand of hand sanitiser is very generic – if you like your child to use their own sanitiser, please hook a little dispenser onto their bag; thank you.

Parents may come on school sites, but maintain the four square metre rule.  This means there is very limited space on our verandahs and in corridors.  Please try to drop your children  and collect them at the various school gates. Tell your children clearly where to meet you at pick up, and please do not gather in clusters, thank you.

We know Pre Primary and Kindy parents need to attend the classroom door – please wear your masks, maintain social distance and leave promptly.  Thank you.

Please do not expect to enter classrooms at this time, as refusal may offend.  Parents are most welcome to meet teachers and admin regarding educational progress and achievement by appointment, but chats at the classroom door will not be happening unless the information is essential.  Thank you for your support with this. Please use email [email protected]  or phone our very efficient and kind School Officers 08 9413 1500 if you need to tell the teacher or your child something – messages will be delivered no worries.

Our Senior Assembly on Friday will go ahead.  Parents will receive an SMS if your child is going to receive a particular honour or acknowledgement at the assembly – you are welcome to attend in your mask and maintaining your distance from others.

I look forward to a good week, and I personally am pleased that we can continue face-to-face learning.  Presenting positive opportunities for all our students to learn make progress and achieve is important to us as educators, and doing our work in a safe way is a good result.

Please do not hesitate to email back if you have any queries or comments.

Have a good evening.

Kind regards,

Beverly Innes