Dear Parents/Carers,

On Wednesday 5 August 2020 we have scheduled a 3 Way Conference interview afternoon to allow you to discuss your
child/rens’ educational goals with their teachers. Teachers will be available for interview from 12:30pm until 6:00pm on this
day, by appointment. Interviews will be conducted in the classrooms and are of 10 minutes’ duration.

We are using an online booking system to assist parents in securing their preferred interview times.

  • If you wish to see any of your child’s teacher/s, you need to secure an appointment time using this system. If you do
    not have access to the internet, your local library may be able to help or, alternatively, you can call the school office.
  • The booking system is only accessible from 11:00am Tuesday 21 July 2020 to 3:00pm Monday 3 August 2020.
  • If you book multiple appointments with different teachers, please leave 10 minutes between each booking to allow you
    to move between classrooms.

To find the booking link visit the school website under ‘Latest News – 3 Way Conferences’ or type this link into your

Please refer to this link for further information to assist with making a booking.

The purpose of this day is to have a three- way conversation – your child, yourself and your teacher. Please bring your child
with you to your chosen meeting time; thank you.

We request that parents make every effort possible to collect their child/ren from school at 12:00pm noon on Wednesday 5
August 2020 to allow staff to conduct three way conferences effectively. However, we do understand there may be some
parents who may not be able to alter work rosters or arrange alternate carers. If this is your situation, please ensure your
return the permission slip (see link below) to the Front Office, thank you. Appropriate supervision will be organised at School.

Permission Slip

For further enquires please contact the school on 9 413 1500 or email me at [email protected]; thank you.