As a part of the Physical Education Program, it’s time for the students to put on their running shoes for this year’s annual Lapathon which will be held on Week 6 Friday, 22 November 2019.

Kindergarten to Year 1 Lapathon will run from 1.10pm to 1.50pm and Years 2 to 6 will run from 2.00pm – 2.50pm.

The Tuart Hill Primary School Lapathon is all about learning how to keep fit and healthy. Running and walking helps improve your child’s level of physical fitness, and helps build healthy bones and muscles.

Students who raise $25 or more will receive a high velocity bounce ball or a poly soft cricket ball prize. There will also be other prizes for the top 20 students who raise the most amount of money. Spot prizes will also be handed out during the Lapathon.

At the end of the day, the P & C will be providing a free sausage sizzle in our school kitchen/garden area, so please hang around after school to have something to eat and a chat to other parents in our school community.

Further information can be accessed via the following links:
Parent Information
Sponsorship Form